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Monday, 18th to Friday, 22nd June 2018

Draw for Match Weekk 2018 

A  Cheshire D  Durham
B  Cumbria E  Northumberland
C  Yorkshire F  Lancashire
 Monday  Cheshire  Northumberland  Cumbria  Yorkshire  Lancashire  Durham
 Tuesday  Cumbria  Lancashire  Northumberland  Yorkshire  Durham  Cheshire
 Wednesday  Yorkshire  Durham  Cheshire  Lancashire  Cumbria  Northumberland
 Thursday  Cheshire  Cumbria  Northumberland  Durham  Lancashire  Yorkshire
 Friday  Lancashire  Northumberland  Durham  Cumbria  Yorkshire  Cheshire

I am delighted to announce the team representing Cumbria 
at the 2018 Northern Counties Match Week as:

 County Champion, 
 Harriet Barker
 Carus Green GC
 Katie Sibley  Carlisle GC
 Janette McWhirter  Appleby GC
 Abby Roper  Seascale GC
 Hannah Smith  Silloth GC
 Caitlin Whitehad  Carus Green GC 
 Naomi Brennan  Seascale GC
 Brenda Ewbank  Appleby GC


Results 2018 


Monday, 18th June

Tuesday, 19th June

Wednesday, 20th June

Thursday, 21st June

Friday, 22nd June


From the County Captain

I had eight in the team for the full week as announced at the Championships. On Sunday night after our practice round and meal in my pre-match week talk, among other things I told them to BELIEVE in themselves, they could do it!!

We had a tough draw to the start of the week, home county Yorkshire on the Monday, Lancashire on the Tuesday.

Very windy, difficult day on Monday. Didn't manage to get a point in the foursomes although Hannah Smith and Harriet Barker took their match to the 17th, beaten 2/1. In the afternoon our County Champ was up against Yorkshire Champ, Olivia Jackson. What a performance from Harriet taking it to the 18th, she was one down and needed a birdie to half the match. The hole was halved on pars. Caitlin Whitehead won her match against Lilly Hurst 7/6.

Onwards and upwards day two, take on Lancashire. What a morning. Didn't lose any of our foursomes. Rookie Naomi Brennan was out with the experienced Janette McWhirter against the formidable Hollie Muse and partner. Hollie is the girl who drove the 17th green at Morecambe last year, 334 yds!! First point from Naomi and Janette winning 3/2, brilliant for them both. Rookie to the County squad but has Vets and North of England Vets experience, Brenda Ewbank, paired with Caitlin Whitehead halved their match as did Abby Roper and Katie Sibley. At lunch time, my wording was "come on we can do this". It was simply the best, won four matches halved one and lost one. History was made, we had beaten Lancashire 6½ to 2½.

What momentum for the next day against Northumberland. We only won one match in the morning. New pairing as Katie Sibley had to be rested, Hannah Smith and Abby Roper, winning 5/4. Again lunch time talk, we beat them last year we can do it again, and we did, winning the four matches we need to win the overall match 5/4.

Game on, come on girls. Cheshire on Thursday, who we felt we should have beaten last year. They hadn't lost so far this week, not that I mentioned that to the team. Great start in the foursomes winning two and halving one. Sitting on the buggy in the afternoon I said to President Marion, we only need two and half matches to win, I'm not thinking about it. First out, Caitlin Whitehead against Charlotte Leathem. Speed golf wasn't the words. Played their match to the 17th in 2 hours 10 mins, Caitlin winning 2/1. I stopped the head ref Sue Kaye going to Abby and her partner who was out second. I said check from when they started to this point and they were 5 mins in front of time expected. Abby Roper and Katie Sibley brought the other two points in for victory. Where were this team going? All my expectations blown out of all proportion. Absolutely marellous. I have to mention Harriet and rookie Maomi Grennan taking both their matches to the 18th, both losing one down.

Day 5, last day. Did I care what happened, of course I did. This team was lying second on the Leader Board and the way they had all be playing I knew the possibilities were there.

My Ole, Ole, Ole as I turned the corner at the front of the club house where parents, supporters and players were putting, summed up what I was feeling.

We won two of the foursomes in the morning. Team sheets out, where was their main player Jess Hall? Never the less, great start to the singles in the afternoon, Caitlin winning comfortably, 8/7. Harriet winning on the 17th 2/1 we needed one more. Hannah went one up on the 17th. I followed her down the 18th as Katie Sibley was one up going onto the 17th. A half would do Hannah. Both players on the 18th par 5 green for three. It was Durham's Lyn Davison to putt first and she had been putting from all over the greens. It just slipped by and sat on the edge. Come on Hannah no more than two putts I whispered to CPC Jo. Not easy, a 25ft putt up and down what had turned out to be a difficult green. Wham get in, what a putt as if we should have questioned Hannah's putting. One of the best. The match was ours and we were runner-up at Match Week whatever Cheshire did against Yorkshire!! My phone had just buzzed Katie had gone A/S; we all waited to support Katie who pulled it off with a BIRDIE! Cumbria had beaten Durham, 6/3!

The rest is history and the celebrations began. What an ecstatic, happy, jubilant County Captain I was. What a TEAM!!!

Cheshire did beat Yorkshire so we had the same match points as Yorkshire, 8 each. First place is then decided on games won. Yorkshire had 29 and we had 24. That's how close we were to being winners!

A message was put on CLCGA FB page from Andy Whitehead a parent of Maggie Whitehead who plays for Northumberland: "Congratulations to CC Carole and all the ladies on the Cumbrian Team. You lit up this week's tournament and were an absolute pleasure to be around! A fantastic achievement coming second overall - looking forward to seeing you all again soon! Well done from the Northumberland Team".

County Captain