Results 2018


 County Match Play
 Champion (Rose Bowl)
 Harriet Barker (Carus Green GC)
 Runner-up (Alice Preston
 Runner-up Plate)
 Katie Sibley (Carlisle GC)

 County Stroke Play
 Champion (Relph Trophy)

 Natasha Slater (Ulverston GC)
 Bronze Champion
 (Olive Coulthard Cup)
 Ali Duffy (Carus Green GC)
 Olive Coulthard Team
 (Rose Bowl)

 Anne Thornton, Jill Thompson
 Christine Rose, Frances Chittenden
 (all of Appleby GC)

 Mixed 4BBB  Colin Cross (Ulverston GC)
 Lesley Archer (Kendal GC)
 Cecil Leitch 5-Club Salver  Val Kirkwood (Furness GC)
 One Day Team Trophy -
 One Day Team Trophy -
 One Day Team Trophy -
 Individual Scratch
 One Day Team Trophy -
 Individual Handicap
 Scratch - Carlisle GC

 Handicap - Seascale GC

 Individual Scratch - Ellie Broome
 (Carus Green)
 Individual Handicap - Dana Billington 
 4BBB Stableford Trophies
 (Two identical plates)
 Lesley Aitken (Carlisle GC)
 Barbara Scott (Carlisle GC)
 Dorrie Pattinson Trophy
 (Westmorland Rose Bowl)
 1st net Silver Cigarette Box*
 1st net Bronze Cigarette Box*

 Harriet Barket (Carus Green GC)

 Ruth Coleby (Penrith GC)
 Carol Slinger (Penrith GC)

 Naworth Cup  NOT PRESENTED - Last Winner
 2015 Rosie Waller (Kendal)
 Naworth Salver - TEAM
 WALTZ (Autumn)
 Christine Fawcett
 Sarah Baker
 Sadie Cavanagh 
 (all from Seascale GC)
 Linda Clark Trophy (Junior
 Abby Roper (Seascale GC)
 Jean Stafford Trophy
 (Best net in Junior
 Naomi Brennan (Seascale GC)
 Margaret Haw Trophy
 (Most Improved Junior)
 Libby Hudson (Eden GC)
 Northumberland -v- Cumbria
 (Junior Annual Match)
 Cumbria (3-1 Cockermouth GC)
 4BBB Matchplay
 Bill and Jean Long Trophy  Abby Roper (Seascale GC)
 Leanne Kokolay (Windermere GC)
 Louise Mayne Junior
 Rebecca Davidson (Penrith GC)

* Cigarette Boxes which are not engraved were given in memory of Linda Clark (Kendal and Silverdale) who
  won the County Championship 14 times)